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    Welcome to the city of Rethymnon, a place blessed with beauty, embraced by breathtaking mountains and the deep blue of the Mediterranean, decorated with renaissance colors and inhabited by people known for their hospitality, honoring their ancestors and traditions.

    It is a place one falls in love at first sight and visitors are able to feel the positive vibes of the city from the very first moment, making them feel at home.



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    30/01/20, Modern Greek Language Course - July 2020

    The course is held at the University Campus of Rethimno.

    • The course will begin on Monday 6th July 2020 (finishing day: Friday 31st July 2020). The appointment for the opening day will be at the University Campus, School of Philosophy, at 9.00

    a.m. Detailed information about how to reach the area will be sent to the students in due time.

    • Tuition fees (450 euros) are to be paid to the University bank account by Friday 29th May 2020 (for payment details contact Tuition fees cannot be refunded.

    • The course covers 80 teaching hours, from Monday to Friday, for four hours per day in the morning (09.00 to 13.00).

    • Students will be given the teaching material for free.

    • Students will be awarded a certificate, after a (successful) final examination.

    • The University does not offer summer accommodation.

    26/06/19, Public Release of the the sea turtle Caretta-caretta "Wallace", at Rethymno

    ARCHELON invites you at the Public Release of the the sea turtle Caretta-caretta "Wallace", at Rethymno.

    "Wallace" was found on the 30th of June 2018 at Phalasarna with shell and head wouds in critical condition. With the help of the Port Police, citizens and the crew of ANEK Lines/Blue Star Ferries the turtle was transfered at Pireaus where it came under the care of ARCHELON's Rescue Center researchers. Wallace is a sea turtle with a curved shell length of 77 centimeters and 69 centimeters wide, weighing nearly 54 kilos. Its age is estimated to be around 30 to 40 years old.

    24/10/18, European Union's special electoral register

    We inform all citizens of the European Union, residing in the Municipality of Rethymnon and registered in the European Union's special electoral register, that they can exercise their right to vote in the regional elections, if they wish so.

    04/03/18, Travel Massive Crete Marks Good Friday with a Culture-Inspired Summit in Argyroupoli

    Travel Massive Crete, in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Argyroupoli, the Parish of Argyroupoli, the Cretan Gastronomy Center, and the Municipality of Rethymno, will host a culture-inspired summit to mark the Orthodox Good Friday: “Traditions: Powerful Tools for Rural Tourism Development.” Participation is free.


    4th BEACH RUNNING (2017)

    The Municipality of Rethymno and the Department of Sport aiming on the one hand at the provision of additional opportunities and motives for sport participation for the inhabitants of the Municipality (Mass Sport) and on the other hand at the promotion of the city of Rethymno to the foreign visitors (Sports Tourism) proclaims the 4th Beach Running. The event will take place in the context of the European mobility week (16 – 22 September) and in the context of the European program “HORIZON 2020 – CIVITAS DESTINATIONS” for the promotion of the sustainable mobility in tourist destinations.

    21/08/17, Press Release: Concert for the financial support of Hellenic Red Cross Regional Division of Rethymnon

    The Cultural Association of Gerani "Kamari" together with KEDI.R. is organizing a concert on Wednesday August 23, 2017 at 21:30 at the Mythodia Theater located in the village Gerani with Cretan artists Stelios Bikakis and Giorgos Manolioudis for the financial support of Hellenic Red Cross, Regional Division of Rethymnon.

    27/06/16, Program of Summer Cultural Events of Rethymnon Municipality 2016

    Please check below the program of summer cultural events 2016 of Rethymnon Municipality.

    25/07/16, First public excavation on Monday from Archelon

    The first public excavation of this hatching sea turtle Caretta Caretta season will be held on Monday, July 25 at 18:00 in Adele, Rethymno, in front of the hotel and Caramel Grecotel Boutique Resort.

    30/06/16, Cretan Diet Festival 2016

    We invite and welcome you to the largest summer festival in Crete, the 5th Cretan Diet Festival, in the heart of the island, the beautiful town of Rethymno.

    An authentic Cretan Feast, where its people, the Cretan earth and its creations, gastronomy, culture, tradition and music are honored.

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