30/06/16, Cretan Diet Festival 2016

Cretan Diet Festival 2016


We invite and welcome you to the largest summer festival in Crete, the 5th Cretan Diet Festival, in the heart of the island, the beautiful town of Rethymno.

An authentic Cretan Feast, where its people, the Cretan earth and its creations, gastronomy, culture, tradition and music are honored.

Between July 1st and 7th, in the Public Garden of Rethymno, between the green alleys, producers of fine local products from around the island and craftsmen of folklore will present all sorts of products from the invaluable wealth of the Cretan land and the local tradition. Recipes from Cretan cooks, cooking classes by renowned chefs, the Cretan vineyard, but also a highly entertaining and educational children's program, compose the daily agenda of the Festival.

Music, dance performances, events from Crete and the rest of Greece will complete each night with a unique experience.

The Cretan Diet Festival today constitutes an ark for uniting all those elements composing the authenticity and uniqueness of Crete. And in this ark you are all - locals and visitors from every corner of the world alike - invited to enjoy the gifts of the Cretan land, get to know its people, have fun, and when you leave, to keep them alive in your hearts and communicate its beauty and worth anywhere you can!



The organizers of the Cretan Diet Festival

Maria Lioni, Regional Vice Governor of Rethymno, Region of Crete - Regional Unit of Rethymno

Giorgis Marinakis, Mayor of Rethymno

Municipality Rethymno,

Giorgos Giakoumakis, President of the Chamber of Rethymno

Chamber of Rethymno


Cretan Diet Festival Website: http://www.cretandietfestival.gr


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