Curriculum Vitae of Mayor of Rethymno

κ. Γιώργης Χ. Μαρινάκης Δήμαρχος Ρεθύμνης


He was born in 1957. From 1975 until 1980 he studied Law at the Aristotleion University in Thessaloniki where he graduated with honours.

Ever since 1982 he has been practicing Law at Rethymno and he was a member of the Managing Board of the Bar Association of Rethymno. He also held the position of the Treasurer of the Bar.

He has been serving the Local Government since 1998. Firstly he was elected Prefectural Councilor, then as a Deputy Governor of the Prefecture of Rethymno and later as a Member of the Municipal Council.

As the head of the political coalition “A New Perception for Rethymno” he was elected Mayor of Rethymno in 2007 and remains until today after his reelections in 2010 and 2014.

In addition to his mayoral duties George Marinakis is the active President of E.D.E.Y.A., the President of S.E.D.I.K (Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities). He is also a member of the Committee of Economics of the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece (K.E.D.E.) and a member of the Regional Consultation Committee of the Region of Crete.

The past years he was vice-President of the Administrative Board of the Association for Waste Management of Crete (E.S.D.A.K.) and vice- President of the Regional Association of Municipalities (P.E.D. of Crete).

George Marinakis is married to Anastasia Georgiou Drandaki, Notary of Rethymno. They have two children, Haris, who is a graduate of Law School and George, who is a student of Law School.


20 May 2024
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