National Half Marathon of Inline Skates in Rethymno

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The Sports Department of Rethymno Municipality in association with “O.K.A Preveli” and the support of the Peripheral Union of Rethymno is proud to announce the 1st National Half Marathon of Inline Skates in Rethymno.

The following organization aims to make In line Skating a familiar sport to our citizens by motivating them to involve in athletic activities, regardless of their age. In addition, such an athletic event will highlight the beauties of our city and especially of the seaside.

The program of the event includes:

1) Sprint race of 21 km

2) Demonstration of different tricks with skates (freestyle)

3) Inline Skate Gran Prix (Rethymno Kart)


The race will be held on:

Saturday the 5th of November 2016




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20 April 2024
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