Sea Turtles and ARCHELON

Sea turtle have lived on our planet for over 150 million years. Today they face extinction. At sea, turtles are hit by speedboats, become entangled in nets, ingest fishing hooks, or are deliberately injured by humans. Nesting beaches are being reduced due to increasing tourist development.

ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece was founded in 1983.

It studies and protects sea turtles and their habitats through monitoring and management at the most important nesting areas in Greece, Zakynthos, Peloponnesus and Crete.

In 1994, ARCHELON set up the first Sea Turtle Rescue Centre, located at the 3rd Marina of Glyfada-Athens. Basic gaol of the Rescue Centre is to rehabilitate and release turtles, but to also raise public awareness.

ARCHELON also operates a rescue network all over Greece in cooperation with state bodies in order to locate and transfer injured and sick turtles to the Rescue Centre.

The Rescue Centre is open for the public on weekends with free entrance between 11:00-17:00 and on week days by appointment.


ARCHELON main office

57 Solomou str., GR-104 32 ATHENS, Tel/ Fax: +30 210 5231342





ARCHELON Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

3rd Marina of Glyfada, GR-166 75 GLYFADA - ATHENS, Tel/Fax: +30 210 8944444, +30 6941511511



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