A day on the sand beaches of Rethymno, Crete

In Rethymno you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of an endless sandy beach that meets on one side the blue see and on the other the enchanting view of the city. For all the time Winter and summer! The beach of Rethymno is 12 km long, it starts from the historical city center and extends to the Eastern part of the isle reaching Scaleta. Rethymno beach has fine-grained brilliant light brown sand.

Where you can walk barefoot and feel how soft and beautiful it is. There's nothing more rejuvenating than kicking off your shoes to sink your toes into powdery-golden, squeaky-clean beach sand.

Sunset in Rethymno!



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Rethymno is rich in monuments of exceptional beauty, like temples, monasteries, Venetian villages and castles. The blue seas and the picturesque land offer many opportunities for tours and sports like diving, sailing, cycling etc. In Rethymno, you can find dozens of traditional coffee shops with local specialties. The hotels and apartments to rent in Rethymno offer high standard hospitality and services.

Tourism is one of the most important activities in the Mediterranean. However, while its development is based on the preservation and promotion of historical cities and sites, it sometimes results in their destruction, through uncontrollable construction. For this reason, the Municipality of Rethymno attempts to design and promote alternative development plans with respect to the local historical heritage and natural environment. This effort is based on a ‘CIVILIZATION-ENVIRONMENT-TOURISM' model and promotes sustainable development plans in the city of Rethymno.


22 June 2024
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