23/07/12, Rethymno commemorates the innocent victims in Utoya and Oslo, Norway

A year has passed since the brutal murder of innocents in Norway.

Rethymno remembers and honors the memory of innocent fellow citizens, victims of such an inconceivable violence.

A year ago, on July 22, 2011, a horrible mass murder of dozens of people was committed by the 33 years-old Norwegian Anders Bering Braivik.

We all remember the events in Oslo, when the extreme-right young man firstly committed a terrorist attack in the capital of Norway, where 7 people lost their lives, and then, 90 minutes later, at a summer camp in the island of Utoya.

The Municipality of Rethymno and the Hotel Association of Rethymno express their total support and solidarity with the Norwegian people. The locals as well as the visitors got the initiative to commemorate the tragic event with a joined effort, promoting the collection of signatures, personal thoughts and feelings in a notebook situated outside the local town hall. The commemoration of the terrorist attack goes under the following slogan: "Rethymno remembers and honors the memory of innocent fellow citizens from across Europe who were victims of unprovoked and apsychologitis violence. "

A poster in Greek, English and Norwegian and the notebook will be available from Monday 23 until Friday, July 27 at the entrance of Rethymnon Town Hall from 9.00-14:00

Greek and foreign visitors will be able to express and record their thoughts and feelings, which then will be collected and attributed to the Norwegian embassy in Athens.

By this act is intended to convey a message of solidarity, brotherhood, sorrow and revulsion in front of human violence against innocent civilians anywhere in the world, wherever and whatever form it takes.



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