Creativity is what binds together thousands of people for years on the biggest cultural event of modern Crete. This common passion is exactly what aids the start up of many established theatre groups, ateliers, hand-crafts, art venues e.t.c. here in Rethymno. Moreover, the happenings that are organized by the groups contribute to the vividness of the town for many years now.

Creation begins from the costume making and the float designs, it goes on with the scenario, the direction and the scenery making for the presentation of the groups' sketches. During the phase of implementation, talented people of all ages, take the opportunity that the carnival gives them to unfold or even.. discover their talent on a fruitful way. By working together they transform the town with a festive carnival atmosphere that matches the spirit of the locals.

This is the main characteristic of the Carnival of Rethymno, creating together! The most beautiful way to give birth to cultural formations on a social context basis, promoting the power of participation!

Every year the Carnival has a theme on which the festival unfolds. In the year of 2014 the participants focused on the theme for the 100 years of Carnival History and in the year of 2015 the theme was an invitation for the visitors to "Become a child with us" regardless of ones age. This year's theme is a strong message about working and creating together: LIVE, ACT, CREATE!

Each of us is uniquely important, but when we are all together we are able to upgrade and participate in something greater than ourselves, hoping that everybody who enjoys the Carnival of Rethymno will loose themselves in our festive celebration!


10 August 2022
Rethymno Carnival! (481)