Experience the unique natural enviroment

Biotopoi Nature Park


If you want to find out something more about Cretan flora and fauna, you can visit the Biotopoi Nature Park in Rethymno.

Here you can experience the colors, the shapes and the aromas of Cretan nature. The park is like a separate ecosystem located in a nice rocky landscape with a large number of wild plants protecting celebrating and enriching the surrounding area. Furthermore, there is also a large number of species of wild animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and fish. Tropical animals, such as: iguanas, snakes and turtles, have a private "habitat" with ponds, plants and fish that suit them, in order to offer them more natural conditions of life. Specialized guides make the tours in the park, giving lots of information about plants and animals that live there. The goal is to help children and adults get closer to nature, making them realize that humans, plants and animals can live all together in harmony, without damaging each other. Mother Nature has to tell many secrets and stories dealing with creation, originality, development, competition, survival and then balance.

Come and visit us! Enjoy the true experience of Cretan wild flora and fauna. Biotopoi Nature Park, a place where people and nature can live in harmony together!






21 July 2024
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