Harrier Eagle


The Harrier Eagle is one of the rarest raptors of Greece, found in mountain ecosystems. Its scientific name is Gypaetus barbatus, where "barbatus" means the one who has a moustache. It was named like that because of the moustache that covers its beak.

Caretta Caretta

The sea turtle Caretta Caretta has been living on earth since the Dinosaur Era. Today, seven sea turtle species are threatened. Three of them can be found at the Mediterranean from which only one, Caretta-Caretta seeks asylum in the Greek coasts.

Fauna of Crete

The best time to enjoy the rich flora and fauna of Crete is during the spring season, when swarms of migratory birds pass by on their way to Europe. The local birds are mostly warblers, larks and goldfinch and lucky ones might also see eagles or other raptors, such as Falco Eleonora.
Among the local fauna, we can find an animal which only lives in Crete. It's common name is "Kri-Kri" (Capra aegagrus creticus). It is related to the wild goat that lives in Caucasus, Iran, Pakistan and has been hunted for centuries for its meat and skin. Kri-kri has been declared a protected species since 1970 and lives in wild and inaccessible areas of Crete.


19 May 2024
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