Port of Rethymno

The Prefecture of Rethymno is one of the four prefectures of Crete. On its east it borders with Heraklio and on its west with Chania.

The Port of Rethymno, which is located in the Northern end of Crete, within the homonymous bay (co-ordinates: φ 35ο 21΄ 57΄΄ Β latitude & λ 24ο 28΄ 23΄΄ Α longtitude), is a port of both free and commercial use and it has been separated into two parts:

- The western part (for commercial and passenger use) where the loading & unloading of all goods is carried out. Occasionally, in this section of the port tourist vessels are docked, a weigh-bridge with the capacity of up to 80t(tons) has been installed and five (5) piers (A-B-C-D-E) for loading & unloading capable of accommodating seven ships at the most depending on their size are included.

The aforementioned piers mainly accommodate commercial vessels. However, when need arises tourist vessels exceeding 150m LOO may dock in area D, due to the great length and depth of that area.

 The commercial station features:

Total pier length      810 metres
Sailing depth between -6.00 and -8.00 metres
Land surface area 26,500 m2

- In the eastern part (for passenger and visitor use) the docking of cruise and ferry ships is carried out. This part of the port has a land surface area of 33,500 m2 in total and can accommodate any passenger or visitor activity as well as any kind of truck or private vehicle traffic. There are a weigh-bridge with the capacity of up to 80t (tons), two (2) areas for loading & unloading (F-G) and a maximum depth of -8.00m.

Piers (F) and (G) have been designated as suitable for ferry, liner and passenger ship docking. They are 125 m and 140 m in length respectively, two-metre cylindrical paddings all along, with a deck-width of 35 & 60 metres respectively and a height of 1.80 m above the average sea level have been installed while the average depth is -9.00m. Finally they are fully lighted up and a switchboard of 3×25A (Ampere) fuse, water supply and fire safety equipment exist.





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