Municipal Port Authority Fund of Rethymno

The Municipal Port Authority Trust of Rethymno continues its historic course which started in Rethymno in 1914. According to the 197/2002 presidential enactment (Government Newspaper* 179/A/7-8-2002) the Port Authority Trust of Rethymno was abolished and its responsibilities were transferred to the Municipal Port Authority Trust of Rethymno by the 186/2001 presidential enactment (Government Newspaper* 149/A/5-7-2001).

Note:*All laws passed are published in the Government Newspaper

Our department actively contributes to the development of this region of Crete and carries the great responsibility of administering the only entrance gate to our prefecture to date, as well as maintaining the facilities of all its ports and fishing resorts.

Through team-work and forward thinking, the Municipal Port Authority Trust of Rethymno is expected to provide public utility services and to contribute to the commercial, passenger, tourist and fishing traffic and generally to the smooth operation of the ports in its authority.


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Sport Facilities in the port of Rethymno Eastern side of the beach of Rethymno

View of the Port zone 




Contact info:

Municipal Port Authority Trust of Rethymno

Address: Sofokli Venizelou
Delfini building, 74100 Rethymno
Tel: 2831022408, 56731, 22491
Fax: 2831056732
Office opening hours: 7:30 -15:00


Useful numbers:

Weigh-bridge: 28310-22408, 56731
Port Authority: 28310-22276, 55150
Customs: 28310-24458, 22292
Tourist Information Office: 28310-29148
Tourist Police: 28310-28156
Police Department: 28310-25247
Hospital: 28310-87100
Bus/coach station: 28310-22212
Taxis: 28310-25000, 28310-22316
Rethymno Hotel Owners Association: 28310-55873


The Egyptian lighthouse

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