The Municipal Theatre of Rethymno


The Municipal Theatre of Rethymno celebrates 10 years of creative presence in our community. Despite its long presence it remains very active and still surprises us with performances that speak to our souls. The secret lies in the passion of the people that participate in them, who are trying each year to present a high quality and instructive performance.

For that reason, the Municipal Theatre of Rethymno has become a dynamic and pioneering presence in our city and an interesting attraction for the visitors.

Furthermore, the past few years the theatre performs tours all over Crete, so that other areas can enjoy the performances. The Municipality is a great supporter of this effort and contributes to the development and organization of various cultural activities. It is also committed to bring together an Experimental and a Children''s stage as well as a permanent house for the Municipal Theatre of Rethymno.


20 April 2024
Rethymno Carnival! (481)