Cultural Organizations

The Old City of Rethymno aims to be functional and to develop various activities connected to its culture, history and aesthetic character. For that reason, the main cultural activities are located in the Old City and the Fortezza fortress:

  • The Archaeological Museum
  • Municipal Gallery - Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Art Workshops
  • Art playground
  • Museum collection of Submarine Life
  • The ‘Eleni Fratzeskaki''Museum collection of textiles and embroidery
  • Museum collection of Traditional Musical Instruments
  • Museum collection of Traditional Agricultural Household
  • Museum collection of Typography and local Press
  • Historical Archive of the City of Rethymno
  • Municipal Youth Center
  • The Historical and Folklore Museum
  • Institute of Mediterranean Studies (University of Crete)
  • The ‘House of Philosophy'' (University of Crete )
  • The Centre of Cretan Craftwork
  • The Service center of the Ministry of Culture
  • The Branch of the Archaeological Resource Fund
  • The Service of the Program Contract of the Old City
  • The Workshop for maintenance of antiquities of the 13th Ephorat of Antiquities
  • The Workshop for maintenance of Prehistoric - Classical Antiquities
  • The Collection of Traditional Costumes of the Cretan Lyceum of Greek Women

Most of the art and cultural events of the city are taking place in restored historical buildings, such as the theatre "Erofyli" in the Fortezza fortress during the summer or at the conservatory, the church of ‘St. Francesco'' or the "touring club" during the winter.

These activities aim to transform the Old City in a dynamic cultural centre, attracting visitors from different regions of Crete.


19 May 2024
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