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"The holly WINDMILL"
Chromonastiri Cultural partners
Chromonastiri Rethymno 74100
Athens Office: 16 346 4 Filopoimenos
Telephone: 210.9944757
FAX 210.9916339 Mobile: 6977416305


Turn on Chromonastiri from the road to Amari

You will find placards leading to the holly Mill.


A magical journey, only 7 kilometers far from the crossroad of Missiria, will lead you to the central square of the picturesque village of Chromonastiri. The old factory (oil mill) of holly, completely renovated, holds all its old equipment that can still be used today; furthermore it works as a Training Centre for Information and Culture of olive oil and Mills.

The site will make you feel that you are in a factory that is still working. In the adjacent room you will find all the traditional equipment of the last century rustic life, because in the past all the activities related to country life took place in a one-room home.




25 April 2019
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