Rethymno Wine Festival 2010


With the participation of more and more citizens, a lot of fun, passion and desire we have prepared our Wine Festival this year again. Inspired by the past and focusing on the future we seek to establish the Wine Festival as a Pan Cretan Event of Culture, Gastronomy, Wine Tasting and Entertainment.

The measure of our success is Your Presence!


The Organizing Committee

Pepi Birliraki-Mamalakis, Katerina Xekalou,
Dimitris Kalaitzidakis,Eva Drossaki-Smith,
Lila Papadourakis, Manolis Karniotakis,
Athena Piskopakis, Olga Athanasiou, Lena Fotopoulos.

Welcome to the 2010 Rethymno Wine Festival!


For the second consecutive year, the Rethymnoo Wine Festival opens its gates to welcome producers, wine aficionados and visitors from Rethymno, the island and our country ready to share the unique experience of cooperation between Fertile land as Crete and Hospitality as the Cretan people.

Last year’s experience which indicated the vision of the Municipality and the citizens of Rethymno to revive one of the oldest institutions of the town, the Wine Festival, essentially became the springboard for establishing a cultural event that presents all of the characteristics of an institution which is entitled to and deserves to be a stable and creative journey through time.

Under the core philosophy of the organization governing the new upgraded version and identity – with the knowledge we obtained from last year’s event in conjunction with the willing participation of the Wine producers and the producers of Traditional Products, the 2010 Wine Festival begins in late June and spreads throughout the city a festive alarm. The timing was based on the willing participation of our young citizen who are alive, active and effective.

A further feature of this year’s event is the willingness by the Municipality to facilitate the producers offering a powerful incentive to even more producers to take part in the celebration and contribute to the promotion of the Cretan diet.

Welcome then one and all in this journey to fragrant Crete who offers generous fruits of all her people.


Giorgis Marinakis
Mayor of Rethymno

20 May 2024
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